Event #10: €10,350 No-Limit Hold'em Main Event

Bujtas Moves Into the Lead

• Level 27: 50,000-100,000, 100,000 ante

The action folded to Laszlo Bujtas in the small blind who made it 375,000 to go. Krasimir Yankov defended from the big blind and the flop came {10-Diamonds}{5-Hearts}{4-Spades}.

Bujtas led out for 300,000 but Yankov stuck around to see the {10-Hearts} pair the board on the turn. Both players checked and the {4-Clubs} completed the board. Bujtas fired in a bet of 1,200,000 and Yankov paid him off. Bujtas turned over {j-Clubs}{4-Diamonds} for a full house and Yankov's cards went into the muck.

Laszlo Bujtas hu 12,750,000 4,685,000
Krasimir Yankov bg 3,200,000 -1,400,000

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