Event #7: €10,450 No-Limit Hold'em Main Event

Baranov Leading, Behbehani Back in it

Sergii Baranov

Salman Behbehani just stepped away from the table and told us how he doubled through Sergii Baranov.

"It was very bad, very ugly," Baranov said as Behbehani explained what went down.

Barano raised to 4,500 from the button after which Behbehani three-bet to 12,000 from the big blind. Baranov put his opponent all in, and Behbehani snap called.

Sergii Baranov: {J-}{4-}
Salman Behbehani: {A-}{10-}

The board ran out {Q-}{4-}{6-}{J-}.....{K-}, and Behbehani doubled up. He's now back in the race while Baranov still has a commanding chip lead in the tournament.

Spieler Chips Fortschritt
Sergii Baranov ua
Sergii Baranov
ua 385,000 115,000
Salman Behbehani us
Salman Behbehani
us 140,000 83,000

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