Event #5: €10,450 Mixed Max - No-Limit Hold'em

Cantu's Momentum Has Vanished

Jonathan Aguiar made it 23,000 from the button and Brandon Cantu called.

The dealer spread {7-Clubs}{4-Clubs}{2-Clubs} for the players and Cantu checked. Aguiar did not fear the monotone flop, however, and bet 17,000. Cantu came over the top for 55,000 and Aguiar smooth called.

Both checked the {8-Spades} turn and the {Q-Diamonds} river, causing Aguiar to roll over {9-Clubs}{7-Diamonds} for a pair of sevens. Cantu flung his hand away and Aguiar took it down.

Spieler Chips Fortschritt
Brandon Cantu us
Brandon Cantu
us 1,685,000 -80,000
Jonathan Aguiar pt
Jonathan Aguiar
pt 1,196,000 80,000

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