Event #3: €5,300 Pot-Limit Omaha

Ville Mattila Eliminated in 2nd Place (€88,130)

Ville Mattila

Roger Hairabedian raised to 38,000 and Ville Mattila called. The flop was {7-Hearts}{9-Clubs}{6-Clubs} and Mattila led out for 35,000. Hairabedian called and the turn was the {K-Clubs}.

Mattila moved his last 40,000 into the middle and Hairabedian called.

Hairabedian: {5-Clubs}{2-Clubs}{K-Spades}{3-Hearts}
Mattila: {K-Hearts}{6-Spades}{A-Hearts}{2-Diamonds}

Hairabedian was in the lead with his flush and stayed that way when the {7-Spades} finished the board. Mattila will collect €88,130 for his efforts.

Spieler Chips Fortschritt
Roger Hairabedian fr
Roger Hairabedian
fr 1,455,000 115,000
Ville Mattila fi
Ville Mattila
fi Ausgeschieden

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