Event #3: €5,300 Pot-Limit Omaha

Important Pot For Mercier


Roger Hairabedian was under the gun and he limped for 3,000, and this was the start of a serious multi-way pot. Michael Mizrachi, Joe Hachem, Jussi Ryynanen, Jason Mercier and Michel Abecassis all joined the fun and six players saw the flop.

The flop brought out {5-Clubs}{8-Diamonds}{7-Diamonds}, and all six players checked. On the turn the {Q-Hearts} showed up and Mercier checked again. Abecassis bet 10,000 and Mizrachi called. The action was folded back around to Mercier who went into the tank. He asked the dealer how much was in the pot, and eventually he announced a pot-sized raise to 58,000.

Abecassis and Mizrachi folded giving Mercier some valuable chips to play with.

"I had almost folded for 1,500 extra, but when he called I had to," Mercier said pointing at Ryynanen.

"You had {9-}{6-}{3-}{2-}?" Mizrachi asked.

Mercier jokingly replied, "I was bluffing yo!" as both players cracked a smile. Mercier is up to over 100,000 and a step closer to his rivals at the final table.

Spieler Chips Fortschritt
Michael Mizrachi us
Michael Mizrachi
us 142,000 -13,000
Jason Mercier us
Jason Mercier
us 114,500 39,000
Michel Abecassis fr
Michel Abecassis
fr 89,000 -12,000

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