2012 World Series of Poker Europe

Event #1: €2,700 Six-Handed No-Limit Hold'em
Tage: 2

Jennifer Tilly Eliminated in 17th Place (€6,548)

Jennifer Tilly - 17th Place
Jennifer Tilly - 17th Place

Jennifer Tilly raised all in for 20,900 from the hijack seat before action fell on Matan Krakow in the cutoff seat. He took a minute to think about things, then made the call. On the button was Ruben Velasco and he squeezed his cards slow. Then, he reraised to an even 50,000. Action folded back to Krakow and he also gave it up, leaving Tilly all in and at risk against Velasco.

Velasco: {Q-Spades}{Q-Clubs}
Tilly: {4-Diamonds}{4-Spades}

As you can see, Tilly wasn't in good shape, but there wasn't much she could do. The board ran out {K-Spades}{J-Hearts}{3-Diamonds}{9-Diamonds}{Q-Hearts} and Velasco's three queens gave him the bounty. Tilly finished in 17th place for over €6,500.

Spieler Chips Fortschritt
Matan Krakow il
Matan Krakow
177,000 -23,000
Ruben Velasco es
Ruben Velasco
150,000 26,000
Jennifer Tilly us
Jennifer Tilly
WSOP 1X Winner
WPT 1X Winner

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