Event #7: €10,400 Main Event Championship

Karr Dodges an Early Crash

[user66118] • Level 13: 1,200-2,400, 400 ante

On the first hand of the day, Jose De La Guardia hurried to his chair as the cards were already out, and he made a larger-than-standard raise to open the pot. A few players at the table raised an eyebrow at his late arrival, but he was allowed to play his hand. In any event, McLean Karr toyed with the decision for a bit before folding, and James Dempsey flatted to see the flop.

"Flushy" and De La Guardia would end up playing a relatively small pot on a jack-high board that included {J-} {6-} {2-} {X-} {X-}. At showdown, De La Guardia turned over {6-} {6-} for the set, and Dempsey was thrilled to see that he'd managed to lose the minimum with his overpair {Q-} {Q-}.

As thrilled as Dempsey was, he was only half as thrilled as Karr. De La Guardia claimed he didn't realize the blinds were only 1,200/2,400, and his over-raise allowed Karr to fold his pocket deuces without incident. Things could have gotten awfully messy for Karr if he'd been allowed to play that pot, and he and Dempsey are still discussing the ordeal a few minutes later.

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