Event #7: €10,400 Main Event Championship

Ace-King Good All the Way for Soulier

[user68268] • Level 7: 300-600, 75 ante

On the {J-Spades}{2-Spades}{2-Hearts} flop, Fabrice Soulier check-called a bet of 1,500 from Sergey Tikhonov to see the {3-Diamonds} land on the turn. Soulier checked again and Tikhonov kept at it with a bet of 3,200. Soulier called.

After the {A-Hearts} fell on the river, Soulier checked. Tikhonov fired 5,500 and Soulier instantly announced that he called. Tikhonov tabled the {Q-Clubs}{10-Spades}, but lost to Soulier's {A-Clubs}{K-Spades}.

Tags: Fabrice SoulierSergey Tikhonov