Event #5: €10,400 No-Limit Hold'em (Split Format)

Durrrr Dusted

[user66118] • Level 11: 600-1,200, 200 ante
Tom Dwan - out

In a battle of the blinds, Brian Powell came into the pot with a limp from the small, and Tom Dwan raised to 3,800 from the big. Powell quickly called, and they took a {9-Diamonds} {A-Clubs} {8-Spades} flop heads-up. Powell checked it over, and Dwan continued out with another 5,600. Now Powell studied the situation carefully, and he eventually tossed out three or four big blue T10,000 chips, enough to put Dwan to the decision for the ~30,000 he had behind. The call came quickly, and the cards were turned up.

Powell: {7-Diamonds} {10-Diamonds}
Dwan: {A-Diamonds} {K-Diamonds}

Powell didn't have to wait long for his straight draw to come in. The {J-Spades} on the turn left Dwan drawing dead right there, and he was already a few steps from the table by the time the meaningless {7-Spades} rivered.

Dwan's day is done with 37 players left, and Powell has climbed to about 160,000 as he rids the table of a fellow shark.

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