Event #53: $3,000 Limit Hold'em 6-Handed

David Olson River Bet Picked Off By Guowei Zhang

Yardley • Level 20: 12,000-24,000, 0 ante

Guowei Zhang opened and got a call from short-stacked David Olson in the big blind.

The flop was {2-Diamonds}{q-Spades}{5-Clubs} and Olson check-called a bet. They both then checked the {4-Hearts} turn, and on {6-Diamonds} river Olson led out for a bet and Zhang called.

Olson showed {a-Spades}{j-Spades}, but the {2-Diamonds}{2-Hearts} of Zhang was best and he won the pot.

Spieler Chips Fortschritt
Guowei Zhang us
Guowei Zhang
us 585,000 75,000
David Olson us
David Olson
us 25,000 -72,000

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