Event #1: $565 Casino Employees No-Limit Hold'em

Hands #39-40: Alex Cordova Doubles Through Chris Gallagher

• Level 23: 10,000-20,000, 3,000 ante
Alex Cordova

Hand 39: Alex Cordova raised to 50,000 from the hijack, and Josh Clanton flashed the {7-Spades} before folding his big blind.

Hand 40: Cordova raised to 50,000 from middle position, and Chris Gallagher three-bet to 150,000 on the button. Cordova shoved for 373,000 and Gallagher snap-called.

Alex Cordova: {a-Clubs}{q-Spades}
Chris Gallagher: {a-Spades}{k-Clubs}

The flop came {a-Hearts}{q-Clubs}{10-Hearts} and Cordova took the lead with two pair, aces and queens. The turn was the {q-Hearts}, giving Cordova a full house. The river was the insignificant {8-Diamonds} and Cordova doubled through Gallagher.

Spieler Chips Fortschritt
Alex Cordova us
Alex Cordova
us 810,000 495,000
Chris Gallagher US
Chris Gallagher
US 130,000 -375,000

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