Event #71: $500 SALUTE TO WARRIORS No-Limit Hold'em

Hands #30-34: There Is a New Chip Leader

• Level 33: 125,000-250,000, 250,000 ante

Hand #30: Chris Canan opened for 525,000 on the button and Susan Faber called from the small blind.

Both players checked the {a-Diamonds}{6-Diamonds}{q-Spades}{3-Spades} board down to the {7-Diamonds} where Faber fired out 500,000 and Canan called tabling {q-Clubs}{9-Clubs} for the winner.

Hand #31: Dean Yoon opened for 700,000 from the cutoff and was uncontested.

Hand #32: Susan Faber opened for 800,000 on the button and Rob Stark called from the small blind.

Stark checked the {j-Hearts}{3-Spades}{5-Diamonds} flop to Faber who bet 800,000 and Stark three-bet to 2,200,000. Faber then four-bet Stark all-in and Stark laid his hand down.

Hand #33: Taylor Carroll opened for 525,000 from the small blind and was uncontested.

Hand #34: Rob Stark opened for 650,000 from the cutoff and Taylor Carroll three-bet to 1,800,000 on the button. Action folded back to Stark who jammed for 4,800,000 and Carroll mucked his hand.

Spieler Chips Fortschritt
Susan Faber us
Susan Faber
us 12,700,000 1,500,000
Taylor Carroll us
Taylor Carroll
us 11,900,000 -1,800,000
Chris Canan US
Chris Canan
US 7,400,000 800,000
Rob Stark US
Rob Stark
US 7,200,000 -1,100,000
Dean Yoon US
Dean Yoon
US 3,900,000 -800,000

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