Event #58: $50,000 Poker Players Championship

Hennigan on the Rise

Jan_Kores • Level 9: 5,000-10,000, 0 ante

2-7 Triple Draw

John Hennigan raised in the first position and Dan Zack called on the button.

Both pitched two and Zack called a bet from Hennigan.

Both improved to one-card draws and Hennigan fired again. Zack raised, Hennigan three-bet and Zack called.

The last draw was patted by both players and Zack paid one more bet from Hennigan.

"Wheel," Hennigan declared and he turned up {7-}{5-}{4-}{3-}{2-} to seize the pot.

Spieler Chips Fortschritt
John Hennigan us
John Hennigan
us 930,000 60,000
Dan Zack us
Dan Zack
us 210,000 -35,000

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