Event #55: $1,000 WSOP.com ONLINE No-Limit Hold'em Double Stack

'TheBigGift' Gets Paid on the River

• Level 43: 300,000-600,000, 0 ante

In a limped pot the flop came {10-Clubs}{6-Hearts}{2-Diamonds} and both 'Pure__reason' and 'TheBigGift' checked.

The {5-Clubs} hit the turn and 'TheBigGift' bet out 950,000 after 'Pure__reason' checked again.

The river was the {9-Diamonds}, 'Pure__reason' checked once again and 'TheBigGift' fired out 4,852,500 and 'Pure__reason' called.

'TheBigGift' virtually showed {9-Hearts}{5-Hearts} and scooped the pot.

Brian "Pure__Reason" Wood us 20,256,643 -6,133,277
Jason "TheBigGift" Gooch US 19,733,357 -277,500