Event #35: $10,000 Dealer's Choice Championship

Friedman Bets His Pair

• Level 8: 2,500-5,000, 0 ante
Adam Friedman

No-Limit 2-7 Single Draw

Adam Friedman raised to 3,000 in the hijack and Brian Hastings called in the cutoff, as did Allen Kessler from the big blind.

Each player drew one, and after Kessler checked, Friedman bet 6,500.

Hastings folded, as did Kessler, and Friedman quickly fanned his {7-}{5-}{5-}{3-}{2-} and scooped in the pot.

Spieler Chips Fortschritt
Adam Friedman us
Adam Friedman
us 91,000 19,000
Allen Kessler us
Allen Kessler
us 86,000 12,200
Brian Hastings us
Brian Hastings
us 71,200 11,200

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