Event #34: $1,000 Double Stack No-Limit Hold'em

Ashkenazi Adds More Chips to His Stack

poolshir • Level 32: 100,000-200,000, 200,000 ante

Ido Ashkenazi raised to 425,000 from late position and David Guay called in the hijack.

The flop came {6-Spades}{q-Hearts}{8-Clubs}, Ashkenazi continued with a bet of 400,000 which Guay called.

The turn was the {2-Clubs}, Ashkenazi checked and Guay led out for 1,500,000. Ashkenazi considered his options for a while and then opted to call.

The river completed the board with the {j-Clubs} on which both of them checked. Ashkenazi tabled {10-Hearts}{8-Clubs} for the rivered straight and that was enough to make Guay muck his hand after checking his cards a few more times.

Spieler Chips Fortschritt
Ido Ashkenazi us
Ido Ashkenazi
us 16,900,000 3,900,000
David Guay ca
David Guay
ca 8,900,000 675,000

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