Event #29: $10,000 H.O.R.S.E. Championship

Mueller Stuffs It in with Bottom Pair, Finds Himself Ahead

Jan_Kores • Level 26: 120,000-240,000, 0 ante
Greg Mueller


Dario Sammartino raised on the button, Greg Mueller called and they saw the {10-Spades}{3-Diamonds}{j-Diamonds} land on the flop. Mueller checked, Sammartino bet, and Mueller raised. Sammartino called and the {a-Diamonds} hit the turn.

Mueller checked and Sammartino fired. Mueller leant back in his chair and shook his head. After a little bit of thought, he raised all in for 305,000. Sammartino quickly called the extra 65,000.

Mueller: {5-Spades}{3-Clubs}
Sammartino: {q-Clubs}{8-Hearts}

Mueller didn't have much but he found himself ahead as Sammartino had only queen-high. However, Sammartino had a solid chance with a double gutter, and Mueller needed to avoid any king, queen, nine or an eight. He did so on the {5-Clubs} river and locked the double.

Spieler Chips Fortschritt
Dario Sammartino it
Dario Sammartino
it 3,300,000 -800,000
Greg Mueller ca
Greg Mueller
ca 1,600,000 815,000

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