Event #65: $10,000 No-Limit Hold'em MAIN EVENT - World Championship

Who Will Reach The 2018 World Series of Poker Main Event Final Table?

Can 2009 Champ Joe Cada Make The Final Nine?

Johnny Moss. Doyle Brunson. Johnny Chan. Stu Ungar. Legendary names that echo across every poker room in the world. They all have one thing in common: winning the World Series of Poker Main Event multiple times (Moss, Ungar three times, Brunson, Chan two times). With 26 players remaining in the 2018 Main Event, Joe Cada has a shot to etch his name in poker history alongside these greats, as the 2009 champion will be back on Day 7 to win it all once more nine years after becoming the youngest Main Event champion of all time at just 21 years and 11 months of age.

To achieve the improbable, Cada — now an experienced veteran — has a steep mountain to climb. When action resumes at 12 p.m. local time to the Amazon room in the Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino, The Michigan resident will return with 8,850,000 in chips in his quest for poker glory and the first place prize of $8,800,000. Cada sports half the average stack, still more than 40 big blinds at this point, giving him some room to work with.

Boasting five times Cada's stack, as well as the overall chip lead, is Aram Zobian (41,585,000). Zobian had a monster day six that saw him eliminating players left and right to claim the top spot. Despite the chip lead, Zobian suffered a big setback on Day 6 when he lost a massive all-in confrontation with kings against the ace-king of Artem Metalidi (30,845,000), who will start second in chips.

After the day, Zobian said he wasn't too distraught after the hand, and he rebounded from it. His mantra is simple: "Stay cool, confident and try to play my best," he said after Day 6. Zobian's best cash to date is $47,000 at 2018 $1,650 NLHE MegaStack Challenge in Foxwoods and no matter what happens today this amount will be absolutely shattered.

While Zobian may come without a pedigree, the aforementioned Metalidi knows what it's like to win big. The Ukranian sports more than $2 million in lifetime winnings, including a second place in the 2012 $3K No-Limit Hold'em 6-Max for $350,806. Metalidi started Day 6 with just 11 big blinds, but finds himself in second place at the end of it.

Artem Metalidi
Artem Metalidi

Other highly experienced players with more than seven figures in lifetime winnings remaining are Alex Lynskey (22,045,000), bracelet winner Yueqi Zhu (19,245,000), two-time bracelet winner Eric Froehlich (15,285,000), Frederik Jensen (12,100,000), Sylvain Loosli (11,635,000), bracelet winner Ivan Luca (8,820,000), Bart Lybaert (3,825,000) and Barry Hutter. Hutter, who also has a piece of jewelry around his wrist, will start as the absolute short stack with 2,250,000 in chips.

For the first time in many, many years, play at the final table will continue the day directly after Day 7. Last year, the November Nine concept was shelved, but players had two days off to prepare for the biggest final table of their career. Stamina, always an important factor during the grueling grind that is the Main Event, will become an even more important factor as precious sleep hours will be limited throughout.

The plan on Day 7 is to play down to the final nine, which happened during Level 36 last year. Here's the blind schedule for today:

LevelDurationSmall BlindBig BlindAnte
3110 minutes100,000200,00030,000
32120 minutes120,000240,00040,000
 20-minute break   
33120 minutes150,000300,00050,000
 60-minute break   
34120 minutes200,000400,00050,000
 20-minute break   
35120 minutes250,000500,00075,000
 20-minute break   
36120 minutes300,000600,000100,000
 Break when 9 players remain   

2018 WSOP Main Event Streaming Day 7

The streaming schedule for today is as follows:

PokerGO11:30 a.m.9:30 p.m.
ESPN29:30 p.m.end
Main Event Bracelet
Main Event Bracelet (© Antonio Abrego)

2018 WSOP Main Event Day 7 Seat Draw

RoomTableSeatPlayer NameCountryChip CountBig Blinds
Amazon11Nirath ReanUnited States4,950,00025
Amazon12Frederik JensenDenmark12,100,00061
Amazon13Artem MetalidiUkraine30,845,000154
Amazon14Aram ZobianUnited States41,585,000208
Amazon15Joe CadaUnited States8,850,00044
Amazon16Nicolas ManionUnited States17,630,00088
Amazon17Eric FroehlichUnited States15,285,00076
Amazon18Sylvain LoosliFrance11,635,00058
Amazon19Ryan PhanUnited States9,545,00048
Amazon21Bart LybaertBelgium3,825,00019
Amazon22Michael DyerUnited States26,515,000133
Amazon23Konstantin BeylinUnited States8,305,00042
Amazon24Alex LynskeyAustralia22,000,045110
Amazon25Paulo GoncalvesBrazil15,230,00076
Amazon26Hari BercoviciIsrael12,775,00064
Amazon27Ivan LucaArgentina8,820,00044
Amazon28John CynnUnited States14,750,00074
Amazon29Kao SaechaoUnited States18,985,00095
Amazon31Martijn GerritsNetherlands17,790,00089
Amazon32Barry HutterUnited States2,250,00011
Amazon34Yueqi ZhuChina19,245,00096
Amazon35Jeff TrudeauUnited States5,090,00025
Amazon36Ming XiChina7,550,00038
Amazon37Tony MilesUnited States14,945,00075
Amazon38Antoine LabatFrance28,445,000142
Amazon39Alexander HaroUnited States12,940,00065
Aram Zobian
Chipleader Aram Zobian

Career Earning and More Stats for Final 27 Players

PlayerCountryChip CountWSOP CashesWSOP BraceletsCareer WSOP EarningsCareer EarningsBiggst Cash GPI Ranking
Aram ZobianUnited States41,585,000100$22,191$110,4442nd 2018 $1,650 NLHE MegaStack Challenge$47,0001,946th
Artem MetalidiUkraine30,845,000250$728,254$2,131,4372nd 2012 WSOP $3K 6-max$350,806567th
Antoine LabatFrance28,445,00020$6,857$194,7892nd 2010 Evian Poker Open$52,84213,662nd
Michael DyerUnited States26,515,00020$5,610$95,0208th 2009 WSOP $2k NLHM$65,905179,657th
Alex LynskeyAustralia22,045,000140$556,389$1,769,6662nd 2017 WSOP The Marathon$426,663525th
Yueqi ZhuChina19,245,000761$1,456,884$1,523,5863rd WSOP 2010 $10K Omaha Hi/Lo$225,3251,164th
Kao SaechaoUnited States18,985,00080$67,253$589,4482nd 2018 Goliath Phamous Poker Series $600$78,4401,226th
Martijn GerritsNetherlands17,790,00060$82,233$313,0823rd 2018 WSOP $10K Heads Up$73,179503th
Nicolas ManionUnited States17,630,00010$5,769$16,73921st 2018 MSPT Michigan$9,85032,585th
Eric FroehlichUnited States15,285,000382$1,559,294$2,312,8731st 2005 WSOP $1,500 NLHM$303,90818,222th
Paulo GoncalvesBrazil15,230,00030$64,195$101,7763rd 2016 WSOPC Sao Paulo$47,04215,300th
Tony MilesUnited States14,945,00050$17,539$54,3333rd 2011 $300 WPT Regional Jacksonville$18,00016,766th
John CynnUnited States14,750,000160$739,416$944,78611th 2016 WSOP Main Event$650,0003,926th
Alexander HaroUnited States12,940,00030$7,306$151,6931st 2012 $2,500 Deep Stack Extravaganza$142,50354,154th
Hari BercoviciIsrael12,775,00020$218,137$290,52434th 2016 WSOP Main Event$216,2118,422nd
Frederik JensenDenmark12,100,000130$197,627$3,897,7902nd 2010 Aussie Millions$1,015,2571,230th
Sylvain LoosliFrance11,635,000120$3,075,627$6,648,4184th 2013 WSOP Main Event$2,792,533251st
Ryan PhanUnited States9,545,000270$192,746$452,6222nd 2016 WSOP Circuit Council Bluffs$69,962591st
Joe CadaUnited States8,850,000333$10,340,058$10,779,0411st 2009 WSOP Main Event$8,546,435849th
Ivan LucaArgentina8,820,000111$487,898$5,755,3933rd 2016 PCA $50k High Roller$494,080214th
Konstantin BeylinUnited States8,305,000120$147,460$153,66317th 2018 WSOP $25k PLO$46,1904,456th
Ming XiChina7,550,00000$0$32,2768th 2016 WPT National China$30,5607,2481st
Jeff TrudeauUnited States5,090,000340$410,950$875,0281st 2017 WSOPC Cherokee$63,599195th
Nirath ReanUnited States4,950,00040$9,912$173,8412nd 2015 CPPT Jacksonville$82,82610,193rd
Bart LybaertBelgium3,825,000280$630,345$2,088,1583rd 2017 PokerStars National Championship Barcelona$432,85629th
Barry HutterUnited States2,250,000361$1,285,339$4,357,7772nd 2018 WSOP $3k NLHM$323,01973rd

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