Event #53: $1,500 Pot-Limit Omaha Hi-Lo 8 or Better



Event #53: $1,500 Pot-Limit Omaha Hi-Lo 8 or Better
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Defending Champion Nathan Gamble Leads Final 20 Players After Day 2

• Level 20: 5,000-10,000, 0 ante
Nathan Gamble
Nathan Gamble

Out of the 191 players who returned for Day 2 action in Event #53 $1,500 Pot-Limit Omaha Hi-Lo 8 or Better, just 20 remain ten levels later. Leading the way is none other than the defending champion, Nathan Gamble, who notched his first career bracelet in this event last year in truly spectacular fashion by steamrolling the final table.

Gamble is gunning for a repeat performance and bagged a sizeable 834,000 chips at the conclusion of play. The defending champion grabbed the chip lead after a late clash with Jason Stockfish which sent the latter to the rail in 24th place ($6,927). Gamble held ace-ten on an ace-ten-five flop, while Stockfish played three baby cards for an inside wheel wrap. The turn and river brought a king and Gamble scooped it all.

Behind Gamble, the next largest stack belongs to Joseph Couden (776,000), and behind him are Robert Campbell (565,000), Brad Albrinck (564,000), and four-time bracelet winner Mike Matusow (436,000).

However, with several of the games brightest stars still in contention, the path to victory won't be an easy one for anybody. Eli Elezra bagged 419,000 chips, and Daniel Negreanu, although the third-shortest stack with 96,000, is never to be counted out. Bracelet winner Bryce Yockey, who began Day 2 near the top of the leaderboard, ended the day with 400,000. Chris Conrad (364,000), Garrett Garvin (347,000), two-time bracelet winner Quinn Do (300,000), and Bruno Fitoussi (262,000) are also still in the hunt for the $244,370 top prize and coveted gold bracelet.

Not all of the familiar faces who returned for Day 2 action were fortunate enough to survive to the end. Tom West, Randy Ohel, Peter Neff, and Victor Ramdin were among the fan favorites to depart without cashing. Fourteen-time WSOP champion Phil Hellmuth made a run in this event and earned $4,823 for his 43rd place finish. John Racener (121st - $2,319), Roland Israelashvili (93rd - $2,441), Andreas Klatt (79th - $2,857), Adam Hendrix (51st - $4,125), Dylan Linde (38th - $4,823), Lee Watkinson (27th - $6,927), and Brandon Cantu (24th - $6,927) all left with parting gifts, as well.

Day 3 action will begin Thursday, June 28 at noon local time. The plan is to play down to a winner. Keep it here for continuing coverage of Event #53 $1,500 Pot-Limit Omaha Hi-Lo 8 or Better and throughout the 2018 World Series of Poker from the PokerNews Live Reporting team.

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Day 3 Seating and Chip Counts

KaleGozer • Level 20: 5,000-10,000, 0 ante
RoomTableSeatPlayerCountryChip Count
Amazon4174Daniel NegreanuCanada96,000
Amazon4175Mike MatusowUnited States436,000
Amazon4176Shiva DudaniUnited States41,000
Amazon4177Robert CampbellUnited States565,000
Amazon4178Quinn DoUnited States300,000
Amazon4179Eli ElezraUnited States419,000
Amazon4181Nathan GambleUnited States834,000
Amazon4183Bryce YockeyUnited States400,000
Amazon4184Christopher ConradUnited States364,000
Amazon4185Kim KallmanFinland137,000
Amazon4186Mihails MorozovsLatvia200,000
Amazon4188Joseph CoudenUnited States776,000
Amazon4189Brad AlbrinckUnited States564,000
Amazon4191Bruno FitoussiFrance262,000
Amazon4192Lee ArmstrongAustralia364,000
Amazon4193Sergio BensoItaly189,000
Amazon4194Gregory JamisonUnited States246,000
Amazon4195Kyle EmersonUnited States80,000
Amazon4198Dustin PattinsonUnited States432,000
Amazon4199Garrett GarvinUnited States347,000

End of Day 2 Chip Counts (komplett)

Jan_Kores • Level 20: 5,000-10,000, 0 ante
Nathan Gamble us
Nathan Gamble
us 834,000 -32,000
Joseph Couden us
Joseph Couden
us 776,000 56,000
Robert Campbell au
Robert Campbell
au 565,000 15,000
Brad Albrinck us
Brad Albrinck
us 564,000 204,000
Mike Matusow us
Mike Matusow
us 436,000 226,000
Dustin Pattinson us
Dustin Pattinson
us 432,000 202,000
Eli Elezra il
Eli Elezra
il 419,000 189,000
Bryce Yockey us
Bryce Yockey
us 400,000 75,000
Lee Armstrong au
Lee Armstrong
au 364,000 -216,000
Christopher Conrad us
Christopher Conrad
us 364,000 14,000
Garrett Garvin us
Garrett Garvin
us 347,000 -113,000
Quinn Do us
Quinn Do
us 300,000 81,000
Bruno Fitoussi fr
Bruno Fitoussi
fr 262,000 32,000
Gregory Jamison us
Gregory Jamison
us 246,000 56,000
Mihails Morozovs lv
Mihails Morozovs
lv 200,000 -20,000
Sergio Benso it
Sergio Benso
it 189,000 19,000
Kim Kallman fi
Kim Kallman
fi 137,000 47,000
Daniel Negreanu ca
Daniel Negreanu
ca 96,000 -129,000
Kyle Emerson US
Kyle Emerson
US 80,000 -80,000
Shiva Dudani us
Shiva Dudani
us 41,000 -59,000

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Campbell Eliminates Hamid and Yeh

• Level 20: 5,000-10,000, 0 ante

Three players got stacks in before the flop: Robert Campbell, Andrew Yeh, and Abdel Hamid. Campbell's was the largest of the three.

Robert Campbell: {A-Diamonds}{K-}{5-}{2-}
Andrew Yeh: {A-Spades}{A-Hearts}{J-Spades}{J-Diamonds}
Abdel Hamid: {A-Clubs}{6-Hearts}{4-Spades}{2-Hearts}

Yeh had the lead with his aces and both of his opponents needed to improve in order to get a piece of the pot. The board ran out {Q-Clubs}{10-Diamonds}{5-Spades}{6-Spades}{J-Hearts} and Campbell took the entire pot with Broadway to stack both of his opponents.

Robert Campbell au
Robert Campbell
au 550,000 501,500
Abdel Hamid us
Abdel Hamid
us Ausgeschieden
Andrew Yeh us
Andrew Yeh
us Ausgeschieden

Tags: Abdel HamidAndrew YehRobert Campbell

Do Doubles with Aces

Jan_Kores • Level 20: 5,000-10,000, 0 ante

Quinn Do potted in the hijack and Andrew Yeh came out with a three-bet on the button. The action returned to Do who moved all in for 102,000 and they went to the battle.

Andrew Yeh: {A-Hearts}{6-Clubs}{3-Clubs}{2-Hearts}
Quinn Do: {A-Clubs}{A-Diamonds}{6-Spades}{5-Diamonds}

The dealer rolled over the {Q-Hearts}{2-Diamonds}{8-Diamonds}{J-Diamonds}{9-Hearts} board and Do doubled with a flush.

Quinn Do us
Quinn Do
us 219,000 -71,000
Andrew Yeh us
Andrew Yeh
us 142,000 -133,000

Tags: Andrew YehQuinn Do

Gamble Stacks Stockfish to Take the Lead

• Level 20: 5,000-10,000, 0 ante
Nathan Gamble
Nathan Gamble

There was a massive pile of chips in the middle and the {A-Clubs}{10-Diamonds}{5-Hearts} flop was out when we got to the table. Jason Stockfish and Nathan Gamble got stacks in the middle in a flurry of activity; Gamble's was the larger of the two by a fair margin.

Jason Stockfish: {7-Hearts}{4-Diamonds}{3-Clubs}{2-Hearts}
Nathan Gamble: {A-Diamonds}{10-Hearts}{9-Hearts}{3-Spades}

Stockfish had flopped an inside wheel wrap but needed help from the deck against the defending champion's top two pair. The {K-Diamonds} turn and {K-Clubs} river missed both players entirely and Gamble took the pot to end Stockfish's tournament and seize the chip lead.

Nathan Gamble us
Nathan Gamble
us 866,000 314,000
Jason Stockfish us
Jason Stockfish
us Ausgeschieden

Tags: Jason StockfishNathan Gamble

Albrinck Eliminates Cantu

• Level 20: 5,000-10,000, 0 ante
Brandon Cantu
Brandon Cantu

Brandon Cantu was in the big blind and got his stack in before the flop against Brad Albrinck, who was in the hijack.

Brandon Cantu: {A-Hearts}{10-Hearts}{9-Hearts}{3-Hearts}
Brad Albrinck: {A-Diamonds}{K-Diamonds}{5-Clubs}{4-Clubs}

Albrinck had the best of it preflop and Cantu needed to improve in order to survive. The board ran out {K-Hearts}{9-Diamonds}{2-Spades}{Q-Hearts}{5-Spades} and Albrinck took the pot with kings up to end Cantu's tournament.

Brandon Cantu us
Brandon Cantu
us Ausgeschieden

Tags: Brad AlbrinckBrandon Cantu

Gamble Sends Kechkaylo Packing

Jan_Kores • Level 20: 5,000-10,000, 0 ante

Nathan Gamble and Michael Kechkaylo were all in preflop and they were just turning their cards face up when we arrived.

Nathan Gamble: {A-Spades}{K-Hearts}{9-Hearts}{3-Spades}
Michael Kechkaylo: {A-Clubs}{Q-Diamonds}{10-Diamonds}{3-Hearts}

Kechkaylo got ahead on the {A-Hearts}{2-Spades}{Q-Clubs} flop but the {K-Hearts} shited the odds back towards Gamble. Kechkaylo could only hope for a jack or a queen on the river. It wasn't a paint card and the {7-Spades} ended Kechkaylo's tournament.

Nathan Gamble us
Nathan Gamble
us 552,000 137,000
Michael Kechkaylo US
Michael Kechkaylo
US Ausgeschieden

Tags: Michael KechkayloNathan Gamble

Morozovs Doubles Through Kallman

• Level 20: 5,000-10,000, 0 ante

Action folded around to the blinds, Kim Kallman raised from the small, Mihails Morozovs three-bet shoved from the big, and Kallman called to put Morozovs at risk.

Kim Kallman: {A-Spades}{Q-Hearts}{7-Diamonds}{6-Clubs}
Mihails Morozovs: {A-Diamonds}{K-Spades}{J-Hearts}{4-Diamonds}

Morozovs had the preflop advantage and Kallman needed to improve in order to stack him. The board ran out {5-Diamonds}{5-Spades}{2-Diamonds}{10-Diamonds}{K-Clubs} and Morozovs took the pot with kings up for the double-up.

Mihails Morozovs lv
Mihails Morozovs
lv 220,000 110,000
Kim Kallman fi
Kim Kallman
fi 90,000 -95,000

Tags: Kim KallmanMihails Morozovs