Event #53: $1,500 Pot-Limit Omaha Hi-Lo 8 or Better

Gregory Jamison Eliminated in 8th Place ($22,541)

Jan_Kores • Level 26: 20,000-40,000, 0 ante
Gregory Jamison

Gregory Jamison potted out of the hijack, having only 235,000 total. Eli Elezra called in the big blind and threw in 95,000 more when the {4-Spades}{A-Clubs}{K-Diamonds} landed. Jamison called with two pair, holding {A-Hearts}{Q-Diamonds}{4-Clubs}{2-Diamonds}. Elezra was trailing with {Q-Clubs}{J-Diamonds}{10-Clubs}{4-Diamonds}, hoping to catch a Broadway.

The {K-Spades} turn was a good card for Jamison but the {10-Hearts} river was deadly. Jamison sighed and exchanged fist knuckles with the remaining players before heading for the payout cage. He locked up $22,541 for his eighth-place finish.

Spieler Chips Fortschritt
Eli Elezra il
Eli Elezra
il 1,635,000 435,000
Gregory Jamison us
Gregory Jamison
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