Event 59: $1,000 No-Limit Hold'em

Silver Section Update: Justin Schwartz & Mario Puccini Out

Cary Katz during his One Drop excursion

Justin Schwartz has been eliminated from Table Twenty-One and now residing in his former seat is Cary Katz. As incredulous as it seems, only days ago Katz was paying $1 million to take his seat in Event #55: $1,000,000 Big One for One Drop and today he is paying $1,000. I guess that tells you a lot about the CEO of College Loan Corporation, the man has a lot of money and he loves his poker. Katz is currently sat on 3,400.

Mario Puccini has also been eliminated from the Silver Section and JJ Liu is another player who just put it all on the line in the strangest of pots. Liu raised to 300 in the cutoff (off a stack of 1,800) and the small blind called. The flop was {Q-Clubs} {8-Spades} {3-Diamonds} and the small blind check-raised to 950 once Liu had made a standard c-bet. Liu moved all-in for 1,500 total and her opponent refused to put the additional 550 in the pot and folded his hand.

Spieler Chips Fortschritt
Terrence Chan ca
Terrence Chan
ca 13,000 6,700
Jeff Williams us
Jeff Williams
us 9,300 6,300
Leo Margets es
Leo Margets
es 8,000 5,000
Kenni Nguyen us
Kenni Nguyen
us 6,200 2,600
JJ Liu tw
JJ Liu
tw 3,600
Cary Katz us
Cary Katz
us 3,400
Nick Yunis cl
Nick Yunis
cl 3,250 350
Justin Schwartz us
Justin Schwartz
us Ausgeschieden
Mario Puccini de
Mario Puccini
de Ausgeschieden

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