Event 51: $1,000 Ladies No-Limit Hold'em Championship

Weisner Chipping Up

Melanie Weisner

A player in middle position limped, the small blind called, and Melanie Weisner raised to 400 from the big blind. The original limper called and the small blind folded, and we were off to a flop of {Q-Diamonds}{8-Spades}{2-Clubs}. Weisner bet 600 and the other player called. The turn brought the {6-Diamonds} and both players checked. When the {6-Spades} hit the river, Weisner fired 700 and her opponent called once again. Wesiner rolled over {10-Diamonds}{10-Clubs} for two pair, and the other player mucked.

Spieler Chips Fortschritt
Melanie Weisner us
Melanie Weisner
us 7,700

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