Event 49: $1,500 Ante-Only No-Limit Hold'em

Schwartz Loses Some

Action folded around to Justin Schwartz before the flop and he raised it to 6,500 from late position. His opponent on the button called and the two were heads up to the flop of {K-Clubs}{Q-Hearts}{Q-Spades}.

Schwartz continued out for 6,500 and received a call. The same process occurred once again on the {8-Diamonds} turn only with a bet of 16,500.

They both checked the {5-Diamonds} river and Schwartz announced "Five".

"I have an eight," his opponent replied, showing {A-Hearts}{8-Clubs}. Schwartz slapped his hand into the muck and allowed his opponent to rake the pot.

Spieler Chips Fortschritt
Justin Schwartz us
Justin Schwartz
us 266,000 -14,000

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