Event 48: $3,000 Limit Hold'em

Boyd's Boat Bests Brunson

Dutch Boyd Running Things

We recently found Dutch Boyd and Todd Brunson looking down at a board of {4-Hearts}{7-Hearts}{5-Hearts}{9-Hearts}. Boyd check-called a bet from Brunson and the two were off to the river.

The dealer rapped the table and produced the {9-Diamonds} which paired the board. Boyd opted to lead out on this board only to have Brunson raise. Boyd sat motionless for a moment before moving a three-bet into the middle. Brunson quickly called and saw Boyd show {7-Spades}{7-Diamonds} for sevens full of nines. Brunson shot his hand to the muck and Boyd scooped the rather large pot.

Afterwards, we found Brunson tweet about what he had during the hand:

The very next hand while Boyd was still stacking his chips he tossed out a button raise and eventually got it in against a severely short-stacked player on the turn. The board ended up reading {Q-Diamonds}{6-Hearts}{7-Diamonds}{A-Diamonds}{6-Diamonds} and Boyd's {J-Hearts}{9-Clubs} for jack-high was able to reduce the field by one.

Spieler Chips Fortschritt
Dutch Boyd us
Dutch Boyd
us 50,000 31,600
Todd Brunson us
Todd Brunson
us 20,000 -10,000

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