Event 45: $50,000 Poker Players Championship




[user20283] • Level 19

We will be back in 20 minutes.

Bruno Fitoussi



Michael Mizrachi{6-Hearts}{6-Diamonds} / {K-Diamonds}{5-Hearts}{10-Spades}{10-Clubs} / {x-}
Luke Schwartz{x-}{x-} / {A-Hearts}{7-Hearts}{Q-Spades}{J-Diamonds} / {x-}
Bruno Fitoussi{x-}{x-} / {2-Clubs}{5-Clubs}{9-Spades}{2-Diamonds} / {x-}

Michael Mizrachi completed it on third street and Luke Schwartz called and Bruno Fitoussi called as well. On fourth street Schwartz bet, Fitoussi raised and both Schwartz and Mizrachi called.

On fifth street all players checked. On sixth street Mizrachi bet and both his opponents called. Seventh street had Mizrachi betting again, Schwartz raised, Fitoussi moved all in and Mizrachi called.

Mizrachi showed {6-Hearts}{6-Diamonds}{5-Diamonds} and mucked his cards when Fitoussi showed {3-Spades}{7-Spades}{4-Hearts} for his low. Schwartz tabled {2-Hearts}{9-Hearts}{8-Hearts} and took the high hand with a flush.

Michael Mizrachi us
Michael Mizrachi
us 3,234,000 -890,000
Luke Schwartz gb
Luke Schwartz
gb 1,241,000 31,000
Bruno Fitoussi fr
Bruno Fitoussi
fr 424,000 124,000

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Oppenheim in Trouble



David Oppenheim{x-}{x-} / {J-Clubs}{7-Hearts}{Q-Diamonds}{2-Hearts} / {x-}
Chris Klodnicki{x-}{x-} / {3-Diamonds}{7-Spades}{K-Diamonds}{2-Diamonds} / {x-}

Chris Klodnicki completed it on third and David Oppenheim made the call. On fourth street Oppenheim checked, Klodnicki bet and Oppenheim called. On fifth street both players checked.

Klodnicki bet again on sixth street and Oppenheim called. On seventh Klodnicki bet again and Oppenheim made the call again.

Klodnicki showed {A-Clubs}{A-Diamonds}{5-Clubs} and took down both sides of the pot. Oppenheim is now very short as well.

Chris Klodnicki us
Chris Klodnicki
us 3,400,000 150,000
David Oppenheim us
David Oppenheim
us 325,000 -185,000

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Unofficial Final Table (with approximate chip counts)

[user139916] • Level 19
1Bill Chen1,150,000
2David Oppenheim510,000
3Luke Schwartz1,021,000
4Andy Bloch3,550,000
5Stephen Chidwick1,080,000
6Michael Mizrachi4,124,000
7Chris Klodnicki3,150,000
8Bruno Fitoussi460,000
9Roland Israelashvili990,000

David Baker Eliminated in 10th Place ($142,197)

David Baker - 10th Place
David Baker - 10th Place


Roland Israelashvili raised from the cutoff seat and David "ODB" Baker reraised from the small blind. Andy Bloch called from the big blind and then Israelashvili called.

The three players took the {10-Clubs}{9-Spades}{6-Diamonds} flop and Baker bet out. Bloch raised and Israelashvili folded. Baker reraised all in for 105,000 total. Bloch called.

Bloch: {Q-Hearts}{J-Clubs}{10-Diamonds}{8-Clubs}
Baker: {A-Diamonds}{K-Diamonds}{10-Hearts}{6-Hearts}

The turn was the {7-Spades} and Bloch made a straight. The river was the {J-Spades} and finished off the board to eliminate Baker in 10th place. He took home $142,197 and the remaining nine players are redrawing to one table. The draw will be posted shortly.

David ODB Baker us
David ODB Baker
us Ausgeschieden

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Who's Gonna Stop Him?



Well, Bill Chen gave it a go, but he just came up short. Michael Mizrachi keeps tearing up his opponents and he just won another big pot.

From the hijack Mizrachi raised and Chen called on the button. The flop came down {Q-Clubs}{2-Spades}{4-Hearts} and Mizrachi bet, Chen raised, Mizrachi three-bet and Chen put in the fourth bet. Mizrachi made the call.

The turn was the {8-Clubs} and Mizrachi check-called. The river was the {3-Clubs} and Mizrachi bet, Chen raised, Mizrachi three-bet and Chen called.

Mizrachi turned over {A-Clubs}{Q-Diamonds}{5-Diamonds}{2-Clubs} for the nut flush and nut low. Chen showed {A-Spades}{9-Clubs}{5-Clubs}{3-Diamonds} for the nut low and a weaker flush. Chen got a quarter of the pot and Mizrachi is now over four million in chips!

Michael Mizrachi us
Michael Mizrachi
us 4,100,000 300,000
Bill Chen us
Bill Chen
us 1,180,000 -280,000

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Mizrachi's Unstoppable



On the button Chris Klodnicki called, Michael Mizrachi completed from the small blind and David Oppenheim checked the big blind.

The flop came down {10-Diamonds}{K-Diamonds}{3-Hearts} and the action was checked to Klodnicki. He bet, Mizrachi raised and Oppenheim folded. Klodnicki made the call, and called as well on the {6-Diamonds} turn and {4-Hearts} river.

Mizrachi showed {A-Spades}{K-Spades}{10-Spades}{5-Clubs} and took down the high with two pair, and the low with six-five-four-three-ace. Mizrachi is unstoppable and keeps winning pot after pot.

Michael Mizrachi us
Michael Mizrachi
us 3,800,000 400,000
Chris Klodnicki us
Chris Klodnicki
us 3,220,000 -100,000

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