Event 37: $2,500 Eight-Game Mix

Couden Jams on Sung


Pot Limit Omaha

We just caught little details of a big hand between Steve Sung and Joseph Couden, and the latter got himself some serious profit.

The board read {A-Diamonds}{8-Clubs}{6-Hearts}{K-Clubs} when Sung bet 16,500 from under the gun, and the action was on Couden, who was in the cutoff. He tanked for a bit before announcing he was all in. This meant a raise for 40,900 extra chips, and Sung wanted to make sure that was allowed. Couden was really sharp and said the pot was 43,500, and the dealer counted it down. Couden was spot on, and Sung went into the tank.

"You want me to call?" he asked after a while, but Couden didn't respond.

"What's the next game?" he asked Matt Hawrilenko a couple of seconds later, and he showed the next sign that said '2-7 Triple Draw'.

All of this seemed to matter to Sung who counted down his own stack twice before finally folding. Couden is up to 83,900 while Sung still has a very big stack worth 116,000.

Spieler Chips Fortschritt
Steve Sung us
Steve Sung
us 116,000 95,525
Joseph Couden us
Joseph Couden
us 83,900 71,750

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