Event 35: $2,500 Mixed Hold'em

Van den Bijgaart Knocked Down


Limit Hold'em

From under the gun, Joep van den Bijgaart raised. Chris Tryba made it three bets to go fro the small blind and van den Bijgaart called to see the {J-Clubs}{10-Diamonds}{7-Spades} flop.

On the flop, Tryba bet out and van den Bijgaart called. The turn was the {3-Clubs} and Tryba checked. Van den Bijgaart bet and Tryba check-raised. Van den Bijgaart tanked and looked a bit pained by the decision. He eventually folded and was left with just 175,000 in chips.

Spieler Chips Fortschritt
Chris Tryba us
Chris Tryba
us 815,000 195,000
Joep van den Bijgaart nl
Joep van den Bijgaart
nl 175,000 -365,000

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