Event 34: $5,000 Pot-Limit Omaha - Six-Handed

Michael Fosco & Andrew Watson Eliminated in 18th & 17th Place ($20,579)

Tommy Le now has just under 1 million chips

Tommy Le has just wiped Michael Fosco and Andrew Watson from the face of this tournament. It was a three way pre flop all-in car crash.

Le{A-Clubs} {A-Spades} {4-Diamonds} {2-Hearts}
Watson{A-Diamonds} {K-Clubs} {Q-Diamonds} {J-Diamonds}
Fosco{Q-Clubs} {Q-Spades} {6-Diamonds} {4-Clubs}

Board: {J-Clubs} {9-Hearts} {2-Diamonds} {2-Spades} {9-Diamonds}

Both players pick up $20,579 and Le has just under 1 million chips.

Spieler Chips Fortschritt
Tommy Le us
Tommy Le
us 945,000 345,000
Michael Fosco
Michael Fosco
Andrew Watson us
Andrew Watson
us Ausgeschieden

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