2012 World Series of Poker

Event 31: $1,500 No-Limit Hold'em
Tage: 3

Lehmanski Pushes Hard; Drags Monster

Maximilian Lehmanski
Maximilian Lehmanski

Joe Cada opened the action with a standard raise to 60,000 and Huy Quach quickly three-bet to 160,000. Maximilian Lehmanski thought for about a minute before throwing out a four-bet to 305,000.

Action came back around to Cada who folded his hand and Quach once again acted rather quickly in plopping out a call.

The two saw a flop of {J-Hearts}{3-Hearts}{6-Spades} and Quach checked. Lehmansky pushed out 255,000 and Quach called, making this a pot of over one million chips.

The {7-Diamonds} came on the turn and once again Quach checked. Lehmanski moved out towers of orange T5,000 chips for a bet totaling 315,000. Quach tanked and played with his green t25,000 chips before throwing away his hand. Lehmanski's rail erupted in applause as he dragged in this giant pot that boosted him to the chip lead.

Spieler Chips Fortschritt
Maximilian Lehmanski de
Maximilian Lehmanski
2,445,000 745,000
Huy Quach
Huy Quach
1,200,000 -610,000

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