Event 30: $1,500 2-7 Draw Lowball

Lindgren Stays in


Erick Lindgren was just under the gun and moved all in for his final 41,000 chips. Brandon Cantu folded, after which Micheal Mizrachi made the call from the button. Both blinds released.

Both players mucked an ace face up, and drew one card.

Michael Mizrachi{8-}{5-}{4-}{3-}
Erick Lindgren{10-}{7-}{4-}{2-}

"You show first, so I know if i'm drawing live," Lindgren said who could be drawing dead if Mizrachi didn't pair up with a nine or lower. But, Mizrachi showed an {A-} keeping Lindgren's hopes alive. He turned over a {K-} and doubled up.

Spieler Chips Fortschritt
Michael Mizrachi us
Michael Mizrachi
us 338,000 -42,000
Erick Lindgren us
Erick Lindgren
us 93,000 39,000

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