2012 World Series of Poker

Event 27: $1,500 H.O.R.S.E.
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Marlon Milne Eliminated in 8th Place ($22,358)

Marlon Milne - 8th place
Marlon Milne - 8th place

Stud Hi/Lo:

One hand after their last encounter, Marlon Milne and Ylon Schwartz got it all in again.

Milne: ({8-Clubs} {8-Spades}) / {6-Clubs} {6-Diamonds} {A-Clubs} {3-Clubs} / (x)
Schwartz: ({J-Clubs} {2-Clubs}) / {9-Clubs} {5-Clubs} {10-Diamonds} {3-Diamonds} / (x)

The chips got in on fourth street in heaving raising action, and Milne's two pair had to fade Schwartz's flush draw. It was Milne who drew the clubs on fifth and sixth, and he had the only low draw with one to come.

Schwartz rolled his river over first, though, and the {K-Clubs} was a disaster for Milne. His two pair were suddenly in a big hole, and a blank river would mean his elimination. The {Q-Hearts} was one of those blanks, and that's the one Milne received on seventh, much to his chagrin.

After a fine run this week, Marlon Milne is headed for the rail. On his way out the door, he'll pick up more than $22,000.

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Marlon Milne us
Marlon Milne

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