Event 26: $3,000 Pot-Limit Omaha




Day 2 Seating Assignments and Chip Counts

4201Thibaut Klinghammer8100
4202Jason DeWitt43000
4203Ognjen Sekularac47000
4204Damian Minev42700
4205Elior Sion13500
4206Benjamin Hamnett11300
4208Chance Kornuth52700
4209Peter Charalambous34700
4211Joseph Mobley29900
4212Kelly Dalke13700
4213Christopher Roth25300
4214Dilyan Kovachev17500
4215George Lind17800
4216Giovanni Di Donato22700
4217Steven Merrifield47400
4218Brant Hale47400
4222Matthew Perrins85600
4223Nick Grippo27200
4224Joshua Gibson62000
4226Walter Fisher49000
4227Vadzim Kursevich92400
4228Erik Seidel22200
4229David Ashby24300
4231Mike Gorodinsky67100
4232Quentin Lae80700
4233Philippe Plouffe34800
4234Romik Vartzar37000
4235Sampsa Hytonen18000
4236Thomas Marks29500
4238Ryan Young21100
4239Igor Sharaskin69500
4241Tim West12500
4242Brent Roberts44800
4243Jaspal Brar58200
4244John Riordan45200
4246Grayson Nichols7200
4248Paul Taylor15500
4249Kory Kilpatrick24000
4251Lee Thomas35600
4252Juan Ramirez26400
4253Tristan Clemencon66000
4254Jonas Klausen18100
4256Joshua Field49100
4257Jered Bettencourt16400
4258Stephen Su8000
4259Robert Williamson III24200
4261Anthony Gargano36600
4262Robert Toye17700
4263Matt Graham22400
4264Michael Kamran35000
4265Oleksii Kovalchuk26500
4267Emil Patel32100
4268Ronit Chamani41100
4269Tex Barch57300
4271Scott Stanko60300
4272Huykhiem Nguyen51900
4273Sil Basile32700
4274Arthur Mouchel18000
4275Sam Chartier31100
4276Jan-Peter Jachtmann58600
4277Brian Roberts25900
4279Kevin Boudreau27100
4281George Lampert28000
4282Charles Kassin15800
4283Darryll Fish21800
4284Dmitrii Valouev52500
4285Isaac Haxton32800
4286Miltiadis Kyriakides30500
4287Calvin Anderson53400
4288Michael Benvenuti21800
4291Dorian Rios31000
4292Todd Barlow20600
4294Joseph Ressler122100
4295Elie Payan19200
4296Viacheslav Igin90300
4297Adam Heger58200
4298Sandeep Pulusani59000
4299Olegs Pavlucuks22300
4301Corey Burbick38600
4303Stjepan Jokic55100
4304Ryan Franklin82700
4305Dominique Mosley51600
4306Mikhail Semin13500
4307Matthew Vengrin12400
4308Phil Ivey700
4309Galen Kester111000
4311Arthur Morris25300
4312Zaher Sayegh10900
4313Donnacha O'Dea49200
4314Manig Loeser55100
4315Andrew Watson31400
4317Jose Nacho Barbero61300
4318Lee Watkinson12400
4319Dutch Boyd14200
4321Jamie Robbins77000
4322Shawn Buchanan32000
4324Guillaume Darcourt75500
4325Philippe Boucher26100
4326Chino Rheem25100
4327Jerome Bradpiece15000
4328Steve Gross32200
4329Shreeniwas Kelkar58000
4331John Racener45900
4332Steven Gorder32200
4333Paul Dlugozima7000
4335Annette Obrestad11000
4336Ted Lawson50000
4337Justin Conley78300
4338Brett Richey29500
4339Victor Saedon25500
4341James Manning15500
4342Raul Paez66800
4343Ryan D'Angelo53100
4344Ilkka Heikkila63000
4345Kyle Bowker59100
4346Kevin Saul58100
4347Milad Jorshari33500
4348Nam Le42100
4349Steven Kelly36000
4351Isaac Hagerling95500
4352Jeff Littlefield14100
4353Lucille Cailly5700
4355Jon Hoellein49900
4356Tom Chambers80100
4357[Removed:321] Abedi-Arani43200
4358Christophe Lachave46700
4359Tyler Denson35600
4361Max Kruse26600
4362Dallas Wottlin24200
4363Vladyslav Semenenko32600
4364Padraig Parkinson22200
4365Geoffrey Grover40800
4366Scott Eskenazi22000
4367Thomas Pettersson1
4368Austin Scott42300
4369Sam Stein48300

Welcome to Day 2 of Event 26: $3,000 Pot-Limit Omaha

Good afternoon and welcome to Day 2 of Event #26 $3,000 Pot-Limit Omaha. This tournament attracted 589 entries thus creating a prize pool of $1,607,970. Last night, 138 players made it through the first day of frantic four-card action and leading all of them was Joseph Ressler who bagged up 122,100 chips. Ressler has big time World Series of Poker (WSOP) experience, finishing fifth for $105,967 in the $5,000 Six-Handed version of this event last year.

Today's goal is to make it through the day and if anyone does that they are going to be earning a pay check. The top 63 people are going to receive a pay day with $5,226 guaranteed for making it into the money. The first-place prize of $361,797 will be fought for tomorrow.

Other players to keep your eyes on include WSOP bracelet winners Matt 'Pez' Perrins, Galen Kester and Robert Williamson III. Defending champion Sam Stein is also in the field, as is the 700-chip stack of Phil Ivey (although it's still a question if will see the man himself).

Play continues at 14:00 PM and we will be bringing all of the very best action at PokerNews.

Event 26: $3,000 Pot-Limit Omaha
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