Event 2: $1,500 No-Limit Hold'em



Jacks Might Have Been Good?

Mike Lee back on Day 1
Mike Lee back on Day 1

Dean Schultz raised to 2,700 in first position and Mike Lee called in the cutoff, as did the button.

Flop: {K-Hearts} {6-Spades} {3-Hearts}

Schultz checked to Lee who verbally announced a bet of 7,500. The button snap-folded and Schultz flung his cards into the air - face up.

"It might be good," said Schultz as the {J-} {J-} landed on the felt.

The dealer pushed the chips into the direction of Lee who muttered, "it might have been good but it would have cost you a lot of chips to find out."

Michael Lee us
Michael Lee
us 125,000 15,800

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Elezra Unlucky Early


He was still in the process of stacking his chips when a big hand occurred. We didn't catch the action but Elezra had shown {K-Clubs}{K-Hearts} against the {A-Hearts}{Q-Clubs} of John Dobson. The board ran out {5-Hearts}{3-Hearts}{J-Hearts}{8-Diamonds}{2-Hearts} giving Dobson new hopes for making the money. Elezra's stack can take a couple of hits and his humour also isn't affected by this loss. He is smiling as always!

Eli Elezra il
Eli Elezra
il 142,000 -13,900
John Dobson
John Dobson
24,000 7,400

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Selbst Gets a Fold


Vanessa Selbst opened the pot with a raise to 2,500 from the under the gun +1 position and she got called by Derkowski, who was on the button. The flop brought out {7-Diamonds}{3-Diamonds}{10-Diamonds} and Selbst threw out 3,700. Her opponent tanked for a bit and called.

The turn was the {K-Diamonds} and quickly both players checked. On the river the {A-Diamonds} hit and Selbst gave it some thought before the threw out 7,800. After a while Derkowski folded and Selbst raked in a nice little pot.

Grzegorz Derkowski pl
Grzegorz Derkowski
pl 70,000 -15,600
Vanessa Selbst us
Vanessa Selbst
us 65,000 12,700

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McCarrel Doubles Through Mercier

There was an early position limper before Jamie McCarrel raised to 3,200 just a few seats to the players left. The action folded towards Jason Mercier seated in the dead button and he asked for a count. After receiving the information Mercier wanted, he raised to 6,000, the limper folded, McCarrel moved all-in and Mercier called.

McCarrel{A-Diamonds} {A-Hearts}
Mercier{A-Clubs} {K-Spades}

Board: {K-Spades} {8-Clubs} {4-Clubs} {8-Diamonds} {4-Diamonds}

So Mercier had a bit of hope on the flop but it then petered out on the turn. McCarrel now has 25,000 and Mercier is down to 31,000.

Jason Mercier us
Jason Mercier
us 31,000 -10,900
Jason McCarrel
Jason McCarrel

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Go Time!

[user20283] • Level 12: 600-1,200, 200 ante

The cards are in the air and we will be approaching the bubble quickly. We only need to lose 23 more players.


Sadan Turker Leads Into Day 2

This is up for grabs
This is up for grabs

Yesterday was a grueling session of poker. Let's call it a warm up for what is to come over the next two months. But despite all the hard work, the Brasilia, Amazon and Pavilion were bursting with fun, frolics and fantastic poker. When you look up at the clock and see 2,101 players you wonder how on earth the day will ever end. But end it did and with 239 players left we were so very close to breaching the money bubble as well.

Today we start all over again as we continue to find a worthy wrist for the bracelet hidden in a box entitled Event #2 $1,500 No-Limit Hold'em. Over the next ten levels of poker we are going to see this tournament really take shape. 216 players are going to proudly tell people they are 1/1 and perversely the 217th player will also be proudly telling everyone how they were oh so nearly 1/1.

Sadan Turker starts the day in pole position, with 158,100 chips, but he starts the day on a grid bursting with pace and power. He shares table space with WSOP bracelet winner John Juanda, and more interestingly WSOP bracelet winner Andrew Badecker who starts the day with positional advantage over our chip leader. Eli Elezra, who is lurking just over the shoulder of Turker, starts the day on a table riddled with 10-20BB stacks.

The team at Pokernews will be bringing you all of the action from the Amazon room starting at 13:00, so please make sure you get ready for a day of bruising poker action.

Event 2: $1,500 No-Limit Hold'em
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Day 2 Seating Assignments and Chip Counts

4121Bradley Craig72,400
4122Fabien Perrot17,100
4123Thomas Symonds11,000
4124Candida Ross-Powers74,900
4125Michael Aron38,300
4126Alex Jacob11,600
4127Kenneth Kottwitz54,100
4128Pierrot Massenat70,000
4129Louis Lake43,000
4131Michael Lai51,600
4132Kenneth Strickland78,200
4133Larry Williamson19,100
4134Edmond Barna49,700
4135Carter Gill40,200
4136Joseph Vale47,800
4137Brian Egger17,400
4138Dan Martin29,800
4139Bradley Case40,000
4141Chris Ruby9,000
4142Neil Willerson22,900
4143Russell Mcdermott26,000
4144Frank Reynolds28,300
4145John Dobson16,600
4146David Mitchell10,200
4147Michael Messick35,600
4148Eli Elezra155,900
4149Paul WasickaDNR
4151Michael Hauptman42,200
4152Joshua Chait24,500
4154Bradley Sandig11,600
4155Osmin Dardon50,000
4156Ryan Schmidt34,000
4157Hayden Fortini32,300
4158Christopher Moutzouris20,100
4159Adam Wessley47,800
4161Ernesto Magat44,000
4162Dylan Wilkerson48,500
4163Jamie Coulter20,700
4164Tommy Chen70,200
4165Axier Penagarucano31,400
4166Jason Russell43,200
4167John Eames27,000
4169Justin Gavri42,200
4171Kenny Hallaert29,300
4172Matthew Vengrin30,400
4173Jason Berilgen19,200
4174Philip Wiszowaty44,200
4175Jay Helfert17,300
4176James Page54,600
4178Robert Pisano41,900
4179Dorman Atchison18,200
4181Daniel Idema37,100
4182Everett Carlton20,200
4183Ping Liu38,900
4184David Tighe22,700
4185Mike Allis5,000
4186Jeanine Deeb19,500
4187Kevin White26,800
4188Brett Jungblut6,800
4189Jason Sagle75,000
4191Marc Aubin28,300
4192Noelle Anderson7,300
4193Cody Zartman93,300
4194Ryan Gentry43,300
4195Douglas Farmer22,500
4196Rittie Chuaprasert18,200
4197Michael Kaufman65,200
4198Jeffrey Gross64,400
4199Dean Belovari19,100
4201Kennii Nguyen52,300
4202Jason Mercier41,900
4203Joshua Gottesman40,800
4204Grzegorz Derkowski85,600
4205Jean Cloutier33,500
4207Pete Vilandos37,000
4208Vanessa Selbst52,300
4209Jamie McCarrel10,100
4211Brent Hanks48,000
4212Nicholas Wilbur47,200
4213Ubaid Habib73,500
4214Marla Schwartz28,000
4215Ryan Welch35,500
4216Derrick Yamada27,500
4217Andrew Shack44,400
4218Anthony Russo29,500
4219Christina Risoe20,000
4221Vanja Ovuka53,800
4222Gary Reloj22,600
4223Charles Kemner12,300
4224Aaron Won11,900
4225Steve Gross67,700
4226Peter Maurer30,700
4227David Andidora39,500
4228Ronald Sullivan34,000
4229Manuel Davidian41,500
4231Jacob Balsiger37,600
4232Nadezhda Magnus12,200
4233Richard Park22,000
4234Arash Ghaneian17,800
4235Jeff Gibralter13,800
4236William Jones48,400
4237Robert Bright15,000
4238Raul Garcia16,800
4239Daniel Letts21,400
4241Ryan Snickles142,400
4242Paul Soucy61,700
4243Sergey Pevzner27,300
4244David Stroj10,000
4245Joseph Couden29,200
4246John Adamek18,700
4247Eric AndersonDNR
4248Dan Lu26,000
4249David Levi15,300
4251Todd Keikoan65,800
4252Peter Rho33,800
4253Jeff Lane23,300
4254Steven Lambiris31,600
4255Dylan Thomassie30,600
4256Raymond Pool18,200
4257Arthur Lim28,900
4258Steven Merrifield25,800
4259David Sands37,100
4261Dmitry Vitkind37,600
4262John Juanda60,700
4263Dmitry Perfilyev25,300
4264Brian Hunt70,000
4265Dustin Dobrilovic10,200
4266Sadan Turker158,100
4267Adrien Pierini26,300
4268Sean Remz31,600
4269Andrew Badecker69,500
4271Austen Johnson42,100
4272Leo Wolpert44,500
4273Edward Sena23,500
4274Alan Horowitch42,200
4275Nicholas Verkaik105,600
4276Ravi Raghavan30,400
4277Tom Bahr22,500
4278Jacob Bazeley44,400
4279Cris Eichenlaub65,800
4281Julie Dang13,200
4282Stuart Marshak16,400
4283Deepak Bhatti88,300
4284Proshant Mehra7,000
4285Layne Flack74,500
4286Antoine Nowak44,200
4287Evgeny Stalev22,600
4288David Inselberg40,000
4289Danny Smith61,300
4291Josh Kay17,100
4292Ricky Crandell32,000
4293Michael Lee109,200
4294Mark Ketteringham15,000
4295Mark Pacyna8,300
4296Azim Popatia83,300
4297Frank Guida12,300
4298Dean Schultz48,600
4299Anthony Grappo26,000
4301Tracy Myers29,400
4302Peter Campo125,500
4303Evan McNiff90,300
4304Jason Harrell28,500
4305Derek Wolters36,806
4306Terrence Chan46,700
4307Tyler Bonkowski55,500
4308James Young47,700
4309Ramey Shaio24,000
4311Jacobo Fernandez14,500
4312Elliot Shmukler95,200
4313Michael Sortino9,000
4314Adrian Mcgreevy37,700
4315David Ritter44,400
4316Simon Hennessey34,800
4317Eugene Castro7,800
4318Andras Stumpf83,300
4319Jesse Martin26,600
4321Albert Rogers16,700
4322Justin Gavejian50,400
4323Phil Hellmuth44,600
4324Matthew Juttelstad68,100
4326Jussi Jaatinen35,100
4327Jeremy Nist22,300
4328Thomas Miller52,100
4329Dylan Linde40,900
4331David Slowik24,500
4332Zohair Karim44,000
4333Marcello Marigliano40,100
4334Richard Hare24,400
4335Abdyl Konjuhi54,000
4336Brian Davis65,200
4337Richard Alm43,500
4338Elizabeth Jones70,300
4339William Ryan95,300
4341Kwinsee Khoa Tran72,900
4342Kerrie Lease7,500
4343Rachel Whetstone42,200
4344Scott Kacmarski9,300
4345Jia Liu10,100
4346Lei Lei13,500
4347Hoa Pham43,700
4348Mitchell Wright20,500
4349Jay Roessler29,900
4351Ronald Cooper19,200
4352Xuan Nguyen25,800
4353Joseph Cino90,100
4354Chester Adamson29,000
4355Giorgio Fiory19,600
4356Sokunthea Voir19,000
4357Marco Palacios79,300
4358Michael Moore3,300
4359Jeremy Beckman27,500
4361Noah Schwartz69,700
4362Michael Tippett14,100
4363James Greer15,200
4364Ashly Butler65,200
4365Kyle Julius26,700
4366Evan Schwartz29,100
4367Alan Sass59,600
4368Thad Mitchell99,700
4381Ben Wilson4,900
4382Brandon Cantu130,100
4383Casey Gridwold26,900
4384Michael Bena19,800
4385Richard Conlon40,100
4386Paul Sokoloff33,700
4387Grant Kassel30,800
4388Christopher MacNeil43,700
4389Ken Lennaard22,700
4391Keith Sexton16,300
4392Peter Hernandez62,300
4393Andrew Lichtenberger23,400
4394JP Kelly43,100
4395Alan Levin17,700
4396Laurent Perrin26,800
4397Ian Steinman57,700
4398Paul Foltyn44,900
4399Shane Deyoung19,400

*DNR — did not report