Event 2: $1,500 No-Limit Hold'em

Chino "Funtime" Rheem

Chino Rheem is having a great time in the field today. He is pushing out a great vibe and his table are all playing along. We just joined the action with Rheem facing a quirky decision. There seemed to have been a raise from under the gun from a short stack and Rheem had three-bet, one seat to his left, making it 625 to play. The original raiser had clicked it back to 1,225 and Rheem was laughing as he contemplated his thoughts openly to the table.

"I am 99% sure that I do not have the best hand," laughed Rheem.

His opponent only had around 1,250 in front of him.

"I can fold right?" Said Rheem.

Eventually Rheem made the call and asked the dealer for a very specific flop. In the meantime his opponent had moved all-in in the dark.

Flop: {K-Clubs} {J-Clubs} {5-Clubs}

"I call," said Rheem.

"You got Jacks?" Asked his opponent.

Rheem turned over {J-Hearts} {J-Diamonds} and his opponent turned over {A-Clubs} {A-Spades}. Rheem was still apologising when the dealer put a four flush out there with the {2-Clubs} on the turn. The {A-Diamonds} on the river didn't change anything and Rheem had doubled up his opponent.

Spieler Chips Fortschritt
Chino Rheem us
Chino Rheem
us 10,000 -1,500

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