Event 15: $5,000 Seven Card Stud Hi-Low Split 8-or-Better

Kenney Makes Flush and Eliminates Katchalov

Andy Bloch: {x-}{x-} / {8-Clubs}{3-Clubs}{A-Spades}
Opponent: {x-}{x-} / {5-Clubs}{K-Clubs}{J-Hearts}
Eugene Katchalov: {x-}{x-} / {A-Clubs}{Q-Clubs}{Q-Hearts}{8-Diamonds} / {x-}
Bryn Kenney: {x-}{x-} / {4-Clubs}{7-Diamonds}{2-Diamonds}{6-Hearts} / {x-}
Justin Smith: {x-}{x-} / {4-Spades}{K-Spades}{6-Clubs}{8-Spades} / {x-}

Eugene Katchalov fired a bet on fifth street with a pair of queens showing and Bryn Kenney called behind him. Justin Smith then called while Bloch and the other opponent folded.

On sixth street, Katchalov checked and Kenney fired a bet. Smith called and then Katchalov called. When Katchalov made the call, he had just 1,100 behind. On seventh, Katchalov checked again and Kenney bet. Smith called and then Katchalov called all in for less.

"I have a flush," said Kenney and rolled over the {A-Diamonds}{Q-Diamonds}{5-Diamonds}. His ace-high diamond flush was the best high hand from the three and no one could beat it. He also had the low and scooped the entire pot. Katchalov was eliminated on the hand.

Spieler Chips Fortschritt
Bryn Kenney us
Bryn Kenney
us 115,000 53,000
Andy Bloch us
Andy Bloch
us 63,000 5,600
Justin Smith us
Justin Smith
us 34,000 -1,100
Eugene Katchalov ua
Eugene Katchalov
ua Ausgeschieden

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