Event 10: $5,000 Seven Card Stud

Billirakis Bounced


We joined this three-way on fourth street.

Michael Sigel: (x-x) / {9-Diamonds} {7-Clubs} {5-Clubs} {4-Hearts} / (x)
Steve Billirakis: (x-x) / {9-Clubs} {5-Hearts} {6-Hearts} {J-Diamonds} / (x)
Max Pescatori: (x-x) / {K-Spades} {3-Spades} {3-Clubs} {8-Clubs} / (x)

Pescatori did the betting on fourth street, and Michael Sigel called all in. Steve Billirakis called too, and he was getting short on chips by that point, too. On fifth, Pescatori bet, and Billirakis raised to put himself all in. The rest of the boards were run out, and the hands looked like this:

Sigel: {10-Clubs} {8-Hearts} {6-Diamonds} / {9-Diamonds} {7-Clubs} {5-Clubs} {4-Spades}
Billirakis: {K-Clubs} {6-Clubs} {3-Hearts} / {9-Clubs} {5-Hearts} {6-Hearts} {J-Diamonds}
Pescatori: {K-Hearts} {Q-Spades} {2-Spades} / {K-Spades} {3-Spades} {3-Clubs} {8-Clubs}

Sigel won the main pot with his straight, and Pescatori took the side pot with his kings up. Billirakis couldn't beat either of those hands, and he's been exiled to the rail.

Sigel managed to get back close to 11,000 with that triple up, but he was eliminated just moments later.

Spieler Chips Fortschritt
Max Pescatori it
Max Pescatori
it 65,000 13,000
Michael Sigel
Michael Sigel
Steve Billirakis us
Steve Billirakis
us Ausgeschieden

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