Event 1: $500 Casino Employees No-Limit Hold'em

Tian Taken Out


Haiyan Tian's roller coaster day has come to an end just a couple tables short of the money. We didn't catch the hand that crippled her, but we saw that she only had three stacks of green chips left. For those of you following at home, those are only worth 25 each, so she was severely short. Action folded around to her in the cutoff, and she shoved all in for her last 1,500. The button folded, and the small blind quickly moved in a stack of about 8,000 into the middle. The big blind folded, and the players tabled their cards.

Tian: {q-Diamonds}{7-Hearts}
Opponent: {a-Hearts}{9-Spades}

TIan had live cards, and both players caught a piece of the flop, which came down {a-Spades}{3-Clubs}{7-Spades}. Tian would still need some help to survive, but the door was slammed on her when the {a-Clubs} hit the river. The meaningless card was the {k-Hearts}, and Tian got up with a smile on her face, and headed to the rail.

Spieler Chips Fortschritt
Haiyan Tian
Haiyan Tian

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