Event #46: $10,000 No-Limit Hold’em / Six Handed Championship

More Chips for Paur

Taylor Paur was heads up against Dimitar Danchev on a {K-Clubs}{4-Clubs}{8-Hearts} flop when Paur put out a bet of 49,500. There must have been some extensive betting preflop, because there was around 60,000 in the pot already. Danchev moved all in and Paur made the call.

Paur: {Q-Clubs}{8-Clubs}
Danchev: {8-Diamonds}{7-Diamonds}

Paur had a pair of eights and a queen high flush draw. All Danchev held was a pair of dominated eights. With the {5-Hearts} on the turn Danchev would need a non club seven to stay alive in this tournament. Unfortunately for him he his the {7-Clubs} which gave Paur the pot with a queen high flush.

Taylor Paur us
Taylor Paur
us 1,260,000 280,000
Dimitar Danchev bg
Dimitar Danchev
bg Ausgeschieden

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Monkey Off Cada's Back

[user101598] • Level 18: 3,000-6,000, 1,000 ante
The Champ is Back!
The Champ is Back!

In 2008, PokerStars Team Pro (USA) Joe Cada become the youngest player to ever win the World Series of Poker Main Event. He defeated Darvin Moon heads up, earning him $8,546,435, the most illustrious WSOP bracelet of them all, and, more importantly, eternal glory in the poker world.

Being the World Champion matters. All but two Main Event winners have their banner hanging inside the Amazon Poker Room (Jonathan Duhamel's is hanging outside of the rotunda, and Russ Hamilton's has been removed because of the unforgivable deeds he did to the poker community). We look up to these players and we expect them to represent the game well, but recently the poker world hasn't received the ambassador it deserves. Duhamel is doing a fine job as champ, but Jamie Gold (2006), Jerry Yang (2007), and Peter Eastgate (2008) are all somewhat recreational players. Eastgate even sold his Main Event bracelet.

Cada did not move on from the game, but since winning the Main Event he's struggled mightily at the Series. Last year he completely bricked, failing to cash in a single event, and this year he went 42 events without a cash, finally booking one in Event #43: $1,500, where he finished 144th for $3,779.

With today's cash he's guaranteed $19,159, and while it's no $8.5 million, it's a step in the right direction. Whether it was nerves or variance, 2010 was not a good year for the champ, but with a deep run here, Cada could make a triumphant return to the forefront of the poker world.

Even despite the lack of performance he's been able to show on the WSOP-branded felt, Cada has done his best to be a great ambassador for the game. He's traveled the world and represented the game of poker to the fullest, but sometimes tournament poker can be a cruel, cruel animal. Be sure to stay right here to PokerNews in order to follow along with Cada as he hopes to find himself back in the winner's circle of the WSOP.

Our own Lynn Gilmartin got a chance to talk with Cada during the last break. You can check out the video below.

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Dyer Dispatches Argano


On a flop of {2-Hearts}{4-Hearts}{A-Spades}, Greg Dyer checked and allowed Frank Argano to bet 35,000. Dyer then woke up with an all-in check-raise that would put Argano at risk. After a brief stare down, Argano made the call and discovered the bad news.

Argano: {A-Diamonds}{7-Spades}
Dyer: {4-Diamonds}{4-Spades}

Argano needed runner-runner to stay alive, but the {Q-Diamonds} turn was no help and left him drawing dead. After the {9-Hearts} was put out on the river, Dyer was pushed the pot and Argano made his way to the payout desk.

Frank Argano
Frank Argano

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Paur Some Sugar on Alaei

Daniel Alaei
Daniel Alaei

Daniel Alaei raised to 15,000 from middle position and was met with a three-bet from Taylor Paur to 36,000 from the cutoff. The blinds got out of the way and Alaei pushed back with a four-bet to 75,000. Paur moved all in and Alaei called off.

Alaei: {K-Hearts}{Q-Hearts}
Paur: {5-Diamonds}{5-Hearts}

It was a classic race as the flop came down {A-Spades}{10-Clubs}{A-Hearts}. Alaei didn't hit, but he did pick up a gut-shot straight draw as well as counterfeit opportunities. The {9-Hearts} added a flush draw to the mix and it seemed as if Alaei couldn't miss headed to the river; however, the {2-Diamonds} quickly dispelled that notion to send Alaei to the rail.

Taylor Paur us
Taylor Paur
us 980,000 345,000
Daniel Alaei us
Daniel Alaei
us Ausgeschieden

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Wade Winning

We found Tristan Wade putting out a bet of 10,500 preflop and receive a call from John Patgorski. On a {2-Hearts}{3-Clubs}{8-Spades} flop Wade put out a 13,000 bet which was called by Patgorski.

The {5-Clubs} turn allowed for Wade to bet 27,500 this time, which was quickly called by Patgorski. The river {6-Spades} had both players check. Patgorski said all he had was ace high and was probably behind, to which Wade countered by flipping over {K-}{k-} for a pair of kings.

Tristan Wade us
Tristan Wade
us 445,000 25,000
Gabe Patgorski us
Gabe Patgorski
us 260,000 -95,000

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Marchese Eliminated in 47th Place


Tom Marchese moved all in from late position for his last 36,000 and was called by Russell Carson in the big blind.

Marchese: {Q-Diamonds}{Q-Hearts}
Carson: {A-Diamonds}{J-Spades}

Marchese was in a good spot preflop, but not so much on the {8-Spades}{A-Hearts}{A-Spades} flop. The {4-Hearts} turn left Marchese drawing to one of the two remaining queens in the deck, but it was the unhelpful {J-Diamonds} that appeared. Marchese was eliminated from the tournament with a min-cash of $19,159 under his belt.

Russell Carson ca
Russell Carson
ca 220,000 180,000
Tom Marchese us
Tom Marchese
us Ausgeschieden

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Benefield Betting When He Needs To

Jason Koon opened up for 14,000 and received a caller with David Benefield in the big blind. With a {5-Spades}{A-Spades}{5-Hearts} flop Koon put out a 12,000 bet. Benefield opted to just call and see a turn.

With the {j-Clubs} falling in place for the turn Koon gave up his aggressive tactics and checked. Benefield jumped on this and put 26,000 worth of chips in the middle. Koon folded and Benefield was awarded the pot.

David Benefield us
David Benefield
us 560,000 -40,000
Jason Koon us
Jason Koon
GGPoker Ambassador
us 340,500 -27,500

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