Event #31: $3,000 Pot-Limit Omaha

Ben Lamb Eliminated in 2nd Place ($259,918); Sam Stein Wins!

• Level 28: 30,000-60,000, 0 ante
Ben Lamb - 2nd Place

Sam Stein opened his button to 120,000 and Ben Lamb made the call to see a {3-Diamonds}{k-Hearts}{J-Clubs} flop fall.

Lamb pushed out a bet of 150,000 which was swiftly called by Stein as the {10-Clubs} landed on the turn. Lamb fired once more - this time for 255,000 - and after nearly two minutes in the tank, Stein announced a pot-raise. A seemingly stunned Lamb paused for a few moments before pushing roughly his last 900,000 into the pot as Stein announced a call.

Lamb: {Q-Clubs}{J-Spades}{9-Diamonds}{4-Hearts}
Stein: {A-Clubs}{Q-Hearts}{J-Hearts}{6-Hearts}

With Lamb needing an ace for a chop, Stein immediately turned to his rail and stated, "No ace and I win!"

There would be no night-continuing river when the dealer dropped the {2-Diamonds} on the river to ensure Stein the bracelet as Lamb collected $259,918 for a gallant second place.

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