Event #29: $2,500 10-Game Mix / Six Handed

Congratulations to Chris Lee, Event #29 Champion ($254,955)!

[user68268] • Level 29
Chris Lee Winner of Event 29

Ship it to Chris "Genius28" Lee -- champion of Event #29: $2,500 10-Game Mix / Six Handed!

Four days ago, Chris Lee was just one of many in the starting field of 431 players who was vying for a chance at a bracelet. On the third day of play, Lee found himself at the final table and closer than ever. He was able to battle his way to the chip lead and take that lead into the extra Day 4 against Travis Pearson and Brian Haveson.

On the second hand of the day, Lee eliminated Pearson by winning a flip in the round of No-Limit Hold'em. By doing so, Lee had an even larger lead against Haveson when heads-up play began and steadily applied the pressure from there.

Haveson was able to find a few double ups here and then, but could never string them together. He'd double up, get short again, and then find another way to double. Finally though, Lee was able to hold up and end the tournament in a hand of 2-7 Triple Draw.

On the final hand, Lee's ten-nine was able to eliminate Haveson as he drew a king on the final draw. Haveson earned nearly $160,000 for his finish, but it's Lee taking home the $254,955 first-place prize and the coveted World Series of Poker gold bracelet!

Final Table Payouts

1Chris Lee$254,955
2Brian Haveson$157,491
3Travis Pearson$101,258
4Shaun Deeb$67,146
5Kendall Fukumoto$45,839
6John D'Agostino$32,200

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