Event #29: $2,500 10-Game Mix / Six Handed

The Queen of Hearts

[user66118] • Level 13
Cyndy Violette, shown subdued

"Come on, heart!"

And then a moment later...

"Yes! Yes! I sucked out!" We heard Cyndy Violette yelling from one of the near tables, and we thought the news was good for her. It was. We scurried over there to see one opponent all in with three kings, Violette all in with a flush draw, and a third player covering them both with pocket aces. The {10-Hearts} laying on the river was the one that gave Violette the life-saving flush, and she's now as flush with chips as she's been all day.

Working her short-stacked magic, Violette has found a big pot to push herself up to about 49,000.

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