Event #29: $2,500 10-Game Mix / Six Handed

No Look Necessary For Sarkeshik

[user66118] • Level 11


Ali Sarkeshik opened with a raise from the button, and both the small blind and Cyndy Violette (big blind) came along with him.

Everyone took one card, and Sarkeshik made a quiet comment that drew a chuckle from the table. He bet, and both blinds check-called. On the second round, everyone took one more card, and Sarkeshik bet it again. The small blind folded to the big bet this time, but Violette called to see the last draw. They each took one card again, and Violette checked it. Sarkeshik didn't appear to look at his card before he bet, and he added, "If I look, I might not bet."

Violette couldn't call anyways. "You got it," she said, sending her cards into the muck and dropping to 12,000.

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