Event #23: $2,500 Eight-Game Mix

Boukai Can't Pull a Card

[user66118] • Level 17

2-7 Triple Draw

We picked up a battle of the blinds between Adam Geyer and Rami Boukai after the first round of betting. It looked like there were three or four bets in the pot apiece, but we walked up just as the dealer was raking them into the middle.

On the first draw, each player took one card and checked, and Geyer patted for the second draw. Boukai took one card and called a bet, and he needed one more card on the last draw. Geyer patted and fired again, and this time Boukai took pause before surrendering his cards into the muck.

Boukai is down to just 36,000 now, while Geyer climbs into contention for the lead with 220,000 there or thereabouts.

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