Event #17: $1,500 H.O.R.S.E.

Steury Gets Quartered by Ware

• Level 25


Aaron Steury raised to 50,000 from under the gun and watched as Ron Ware three-bet to 75,000. Steury was not fazed and, perhaps emboldened by his recent elimination of David Baker, four-bet to 100,000. Ware made the call and the dealer flopped {2-Spades}{J-Spades}{4-Diamonds}.

Steury led out for 25,000 and Ware came along, bringing the {J-Clubs} on the turn. Again Steury led out, this time for 50,000 and again Ware decided to peel one off.

River: {3-Spades}

The action repeated itself after the river was revealed and Ware tabled his {A-Clubs}{A-Hearts}{8-Clubs}{4-Spades} for a pair of aces and an 8-4-3-2-A low. Steury could match Ware's high hand with his {A-Spades}{A-Diamonds}{3-Diamonds}{K-Clubs} but couldn't produce a low hand, meaning Ware would claim three quarters of the pot. This pot would put Ware up to 440,000 while Steury dropped to 950,000.

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