Event #12: $1,500 Triple Chance No-Limit Hold’em

Good Day to be Tyson Marks

• Level 18: 3,000-6,000, 500 ante

Earlier, Tyson Marks had no problem admitting he got lucky when he hit a thirteen-outer with two streets left. This time he got even more fortunate.

After Sam Trickett raised, Tyson Marks moved all in for 70,000. Next to act, Brian Benhamou moved all in over the top for 73,500. The blinds and Trickett got out of the way and Benhamou found his {Q-Clubs}{q-Hearts} in a good position to bust the {5-Diamonds}{5-Clubs} of Marks.

But the flop was unkind. It came down {7-Clubs}{k-Spades}{5-Spades}. The turn {3-Hearts} and river {10-Clubs} were no help to Benhamou and he is left with just 3,500 chips, less than a starting stack. Marks, on the other hand, climbs all the way to 160,000.

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