Main Event

Seat 2: Alessio Isaia – 435,000

Alessio Isaia

Alessio Isaia is no stranger to the World Poker Tour having a handful of cashes and even an outright win in the WPT Venice Main Event in 2011, a result that netted him a career-best $518,382. Isaia resides in Rome where he plays poker for a living, a profession he has maintained for six years.

During the final stages of WPT Malta, Isaia has been playing a rather tight style of poker, something that you do not usually see from him, but that may be partly down to the fact he has never really had the chips available to make any moves. Keep an eye out for boards that jack-ten connects with as this is Isaia's favourite hand.

Today is Isaia's birthday and everyone at World Poker Tour would like to wish him a happy and profitable birthday!

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