Main Event

Isaia Shoves On Genovesi

Alessio Isaia

Alessio Isaia opened to 80,000 on the button and next to act was Jackson Genovesi three-bet to 200,000. Yorane Kerignard folded but Isaia had other ideas and he moved all-in for a shade over 900,000.

"You have the good old ace-nine yeah? Good shove," said Genovesi as he folded his hand.

Spieler Chips Fortschritt
Jackson Genovesi
Jackson Genovesi
2,000,000 500,000
Yorane Kerignard fr
Yorane Kerignard
fr 1,750,000 -250,000
Alessio Isaia it
Alessio Isaia
it 1,000,000 -500,000

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