Main Event

Gkogkas Out and Reenters

Jaxon • Level 11: 800-1,600, 1,600 ante

Vasileios Gkogkas bet 21,000 into a pot of a bit more after the {k-Spades}{2-Spades}{9-Clubs} came on the flop. A player folded before Edduart Eranosyan raised to 70,000.

Gkogkas went into the tank before he jammed for 79,000 and Eranosyan wasted no time to call.

Vasileos Gkogkas: {9-Clubs}{9-Hearts}
Eduart Eranosyan: {k-Spades}{2-Spades}

Eranosyan's two pair held with the {10-Diamonds} coming on the turn followed by the {5-Spades} on the river. Gkogkas reentered after the hand.

Eduart Eranosyan BG 200,000 200,000
Vasileios Gkogkas GR 50,000 -50,000

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