Main Event

Orfanidou Flashes a Queen

Jaxon • Level 4: 150-300, 300 ante
Christina Orfanidou

Christina Orfanidou opened to 700 from the cutoff and got a call from J.S. from the button. Gkotsa Tseisvili three-bet to 6,800 from the big blind.

Orfanidou tanked for two minutes before she made the call and J.S. tanked for a minute before doing the same.

Tseisvili led out for 12,000 after the {7-Hearts}{q-Clubs}{3-Diamonds} came on the flop and Orfanidou wasted no time in jamming for about a starting stack. She got two folds from her opponents to win the pot before she flashed the table the {q-Diamonds} for at least top pair.

Christina Orfanidou GR 75,000 9,000
J.S. GR 70,000 12,000
Gkotsa Tseisvili GR 18,000 -32,000

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