€1,100 High Roller

Muck or Show

Ernestok • Level 5: 500-1,000, 1,000 ante

A situation arised on Table 1, where a player bet the river, his opponent called and the initial bettor mucked instantly his hand. That made the caller to muck too and he said that he is not obliged to show since his opponent mucked. The players had a debate in the table with some of them saying that even if your opponent mucks, you have to show the winning hand.

Who else could solve this issue, if not Thomas Lamatsch, one of the best tournament directors in the world, right now offering his services in Finix Casino during the PokerNews Cup. Lamatsch put it really simple and everybody understood.

"If your opponent mucks, then you don't have to show the winning hand. He lost the right to ask you this, since he himself mucked", said the tournament director of the High Roller.

The only debatable thing in the discussion was if the bettor has the right to muck, since his opponent paid the bet to see his cards. In the old Texas-style poker, you had to show your hand, that is why it is called showdown "i am paying, show me your hand."

But in all the European events, you don't have to show the winning hand if the bettor mucks.